Thursday, February 21, 2013

Made by Hand

Yesterday, I received a hand written congratulations note by US mail at my office in the Carey Business School.  It really made an impression on me for two reasons.  One, of course, was for the very nice thoughts expressed by the note writer.  The second, I realize, was because of the effort.  It was not just a quick email.  It was not just a Facebook post.  I have nothing against those.  But someone had to make the effort to find a card, consider what to write.  Write it in long hand.  And put it in the mail.  That shows a lot of effort and thought.  And it really made an impression.

I realized that there are many things that people are doing these days "by hand" that others recognize for their effort.  Knitting things.  Making foods from scratch.  Hand-kneading breads.  Crafts by hand.  While there are many things to be impressed about when it comes to modern technology, bread machines, and things like 3D printing or computer art, the fact that some people do things by hand, make the effort, and use their God given and learned talents to produce wondering, interesting, thoughtful things is being noticed.

It doesn't mean that anyone necessarily wants to go back to a "pre-email" time or no microwave meals, but it does suggest that many recognize the value of what is done by hand.   

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