Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doing Things Over and Over Again--And Still Getting Better

Last year, for Lent, I wrote in my blog at the time every day.  That was one way to connect with what is most important to me.  I am making a commitment to do the same again this year.

Doing things over and over again helps me improve at doing the activity, but there is always room for improvement.  Case in point--this morning's workout.  I have run mile after mile both as part of long runs as mile repeats on the track for several years now.  This morning, after the 20 miles I did on Sunday, my legs were still stiff.  However, I pushed through and still hit four miles at my stated goal (6:30 or better) and surprised myself by doing the last mile at 6:13--which was just under what my one friend at the workout had suggested for all four.

In any case, that said, there were two reasons the last one was better.  First, after that many miles, my legs had finally loosened up.  Second, while I try very hard not to overthink my running, I did think more in the last mile about rapid turnover rather than long strides.  And that made a big difference.  So, as I look ahead, I think that I will have an opportunity to continue to improve my running and to continue to improve my relationship with God this Lenten season as I do things over and over and keep my head in the game more than ever.

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