Saturday, February 23, 2013

Many Blessings

A Facebook post from Charm City Run this morning.  The store had put up a quote from Kara Goucher and commented that sometimes the best runs are when you clear your mind and appreciate the simple things in life for you which you thankful.  So throughout the day, I thought about what I was thankful for:

  • Being able to get up at 4:25 and feel confident that by 5:05, I'd be out and starting an 18 mile run around Baltimore that I had no doubt I could finish.
  • Being able to run the first 7 miles at a sub-7:40 pace feeling safe through all types of neighborhoods running from the Lake Walker neighborhood to the north side of Patterson Park.
  • Having friends willing to meet me at 6 AM to run 6 miles with me before running even more (16 more in at least one person's case).  We had a great 6 mile run with conversation the whole way running to the Canton waterfront, over to Harbor East, and up to Penn Station.
  • Being able to finish the last 5 mostly uphill miles alone feeling strong.
  • Having a family who liked the banana vanilla buttermilk pancakes I whipped up when I got home.
  • Having a wife I enjoyed spending the hour of my eight year old's last hockey game with.
  • Having great leftovers for lunch.
  • Having a son also into basketball.
  • Having a wife who found something she wanted to do--going to a high end craft festival--and my being able to facilitate her getting there.
  • Having an eight year old who loves to grocery shop with me.
  • Having two boys who could help me to prepare an amazing dinner including Italian rolls and a wonderful Italian chicken dish.
  • Having the time to pick up my wife to make her commute back from the craft festival as easy as possible.
  • Enjoying a lovely dinner with our one son who had not fallen asleep before dinner with a nice Chardonnay complimenting the food.
  • Being ready to take on the world again tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

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