Monday, February 25, 2013

Interesting Observation from Father Sam

Last night, as on most Sunday evenings, I attended and played in the worship band at the St. Pius X 5:30 PM mass.  During his homily he made several interesting observations that I will spend some time over the next few days focused on.  But one of the most profound observations he made was this.  Last night's reading was not Luke 23:33-43 (it was about the Transfiguration), but Father Sam made a reference to it.  He pointed out that the penitent thief who said "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom" was the only person to whom Jesus ever promised joining him in Paradise (verses 42 and 43).  

This moved me for two reasons.  First, in the "traditional contemporary choir" for years at Palm Sunday mass they have sung a tune that has nothing but those words.  It is haunting.  And even after 7 years of playing with and attending a mass with a much different musical style, I still find that the song can completely capture my attention and imagination.

Second, it is amazing to think about to whom Jesus made this promise.  It was not to any of his apostles.  It was not to his Mother.  It was not to his earthly father.  It was not to Lazarus or Mary Magdalene, any other person he crossed paths with in his earthly life.  It was to a thief who asked for forgiveness at the last possible moment. Father Sam pointed out that this is the main theme of Lent--sincere repentance and the rewards it can bring.  Not that we should steal, of course, but that repentance for whatever our sins is a key.  Lent is a great time to prepare.  

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