Friday, February 1, 2013

Other Spirituality Comforts

This morning, I mentioned turning (and turning again) to the Bible for inspirational verses and guidance at a time of change.  If I think about when I turn for inspiration it is usually in times of change or times of fear.  I should get better at remembering to thank God for all the joy and all the excitement in good times as well and not just look to God when there is uncertainty.

That aside, on Spotify the other day, found myself turning to all favorite songs.  While I have been a part of the worship band experience at our Catholic church for over six years now, there are some songs by Steve Angrisano that I go back to again and again.  Sacred Silence--silence is one way to experience God and I've blogged about that concept in the past.  Ready the Way--and I should always be ready for God.    My Soul is Thirsting--another one that I really feel more acutely when there is uncertainty.

Skeptics may just say that religion and spirituality is just something I turn to in times of need.  I think that my blog and all that I have pondered over the past several years since first deciding to blog and to run a marathon to raise money for cancer says that it is more than that.  The key is not to let my life and my actions drift to a place at which I am only turning to God in need.  Rather to continue to celebrate life (or possess life fro the phrase in Hebrews earlier) and share life and be alive as part of a community with God and with my brothers and sisters in Christ and with all those who share the sense that we are all part of something bigger and something more powerful and more good than any of us individually.

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