Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blessings of the Day

The fact that I can go out on the third day of three relatively long distances (8, 18, and 14 miles) on a hilly course I have not run before and pull my third day in a row of 8 minute/mile average miles over a total of 40 miles.  I felt God's grace this morning differently than on another recent Sunday when I "just" ran 6.  Today it was about getting me out there, keeping me going, and helping me to feel stronger and stronger with each mile.  It is an incredible feeling.  Some may simply describe it as what happens naturally as the legs get loosened up on day 3 of a series of days like this.  Maybe.  But I prefer to believe there is something divine that guides me and blesses me each time I go out to prove myself and to share with the world the wonderful and amazing and incredible experiences I have.  

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