Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Running with God by My Side

I know I used a Haiku the other morning to comment on running in the presence of the grace of God. Today, I was with a group of six on the track.  Once again, I had a chance to see the sun starting to rise in the east.  That always makes me think of the grace of God--his warmth, his strength, his energy shining down on us all.  And the run was eight half miles.  Each of which I ran at a pace faster than 3 minutes for a half mile.  I have not run a workout like that in a long time.  And what's more, I was not wearing a watch.  I was surrounded by people wearing watches, but for once I just trusted myself.  I just ran and let the grace of God carry me.  All eight were under 3 minutes and the last several were consistently around the same time of 2:55.  I have run very few workouts like that in the past.  And at age 43, I'm not sure how many more I have in me in the future.  But it is a good symbol of not having to plan and analyze everything down to the second, but just trusting that God will take care.  And he did.  55 days till Boston!

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