Sunday, April 9, 2017

Reaching 10,000 Miles of Running

A random combination of thoughts.  

At the end of my visit to my massage therapist this evening, she said I looked spacey.  When she said that, I realized just how much how I was feeling must be showing.  It was the end of an amazing day. I woke up and did some work.  I took care of a bunch of stuff around the house.  I showered and took my dog on a long walk.  I drove with my youngest to my office.  I picked up my oldest and dropped him off to play at the Sunday services at which he has been playing for years.  I hung at Dunkin Donuts with my youngest.  Drove up to the Philly suburbs with the two of them to meet my wife and middle son, my sister's family, and my parents for my dad's 70th birthday celebration.  Ate way too much.  Drove back.  Dropped off the youngest.  Dropped off the oldest.  And then went for a massage.

90 minutes of being completely relaxed.  

Closing out too incredible months.

Accreditation success.  Celebration.  Two people passing.  Youngest preparing for his first international trip with no parents involved.  Middle preparing for college visits.  Oldest preparing for his first summer internship.  Friend's dog with a poor prognosis.  Healing power of words.  Healing power of music.  Concerts.  Musical plays.  Non-stop action.  Non-stop life.  

And many miles.  I am at 9,990 after what I ran yesterday.  I will run two tomorrow and eight on Tuesday to reach 10,000.  It is just a number.  But it is a number that means something to me.  I have been lucky to run a few miles with many people and many miles with a few people.  The running is therapeutic.  But it also required being up early.  Going to bed early.  Calories (but not too many).  And lots of hydration.  

I look forward to 10,000 more.  

But for this evening, I will rest.