Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun with 7th Grade Math as a Symbol for My New Job

Tonight's after dinner highlight--helping my 7th grader figure out how to change a number from a repeating decimal to a fraction.  He had been taught a sequence of steps I don't recall learning (does not mean that I didn't learn them just that I don't recall).  The steps were shown for a two digit repeating decimal.  The problem he had was with a decimal that had one non-repeating digit plus one repeating digit.  I reasoned through the solution.  I shared it with him.  It is good to know that what I have loved doing since I was eight or nine is something that I an still do when I need to--figuring out the solution to math puzzles.  Finding creative solutions to problems involving people certainly won't be as easy, but it is a good symbol for the work that I will have to do and hopefully enjoy as I enter into my new position--for which I have been warned that problem solving will be the order of the day almost every day to start with.  

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