Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spiritual Reflections Before a Saturday Run

The area got rain and a little wet snow last night.  As I was driving my oldest son's girlfriend home the wet snow even led to a conversation about Ms. Frizzle.  It is fun to see what kids associate with wet snow (or any snow for that matter).  This winter, I know I have associated snow with "a problem for my training" but we haven't had any snow that has kept me from running the whole weekend.  I have just had to shift.  And I should not complain.  Looks like it is just wet this morning where I live and to the south, so I do plan to run outside today for a nice 15-16 miler.

In any case, today's readings bring more rules with consequences.  In particular, today's first reading is Isaiah 58:9B-14.  This is one of the readings with positive consequences of following the rules.  I like the images it uses.  It talks about getting rid of oppression and malicious speech.  It talks about feeding the hungry.  The positive consequences are light and strength among others.  Those are pretty images. 

I find myself liking the rules set down in recent readings.  I am not always someone who likes rules.  Humans in general do not always like (or at least find easy) following rules.  If people generally followed rules the outcome in the Garden of Eden would have been much different.  

However, as I get ready to change jobs, I find that rules will be useful.  As I say, when I manage, I do not necessarily want to have rules that are completely inflexible. Or even rules when simply relying on someone's good sense or professionalism should do the trick. But rules can be useful.  It will be interesting to see what happens as I am the one who gets to generate rules and procedures and how useful or detrimental they can be to an organization and its performance.

The latter part of today's reading talks about one rule in particular--keeping the Lord's day holy.  It begins
If you hold back your foot on the sabbath
from following your own pursuits on my holy day 
With this, I ponder what God thinks of Sunday runs. I think that running actually draws me closer to God.  I think that running is a way that I connect with God.  I think that God intended for me to run and that running has helped me to crystalize other things in my life and to bring out aspects of my being that were not always apparent.  But I use my feet a lot for what could be considered my own pursuit.  

It is always fascinating to me to interpret the words in the Bible and carefully figure out how apply to my life.  How literally they are supposed to be interpreted.  What they truly mean.  My own sense is that running, Sunday school teaching, preparing meals with my kids, and attending mass (playing my bass guitar) all bring me closer to God throughout the day on Sunday and that hopefully pleases God.  

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