Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Moon and Clouds on the Horizon

So, I did get some inspiration while running this morning.  I ran before sunrise.  The moon was near the horizon and looked (although I realize it is only an optical illusion) extra large.  But it was covered by clouds.  So, something that was prominent in the sky could not be seen perfectly clearly.  What did I think of?  I thought of other things that are guiding lights for me that I don't always see clearly:

  • God
  • My career path
  • My family

With patience, the clouds went away, the moon looked even brighter, and things could be seen more clearly.  Sometimes it is just patience.  Sometimes there is a lot of work to do.  But, I expect that in most cases if I wait, I will be able to make more sense out of things.  That I find reassuring.  And even when I can't make complete sense out of things, the size of the moon on the horizon and how bright it is makes me think of how dominant God, career, and family are in my life and how I can follow a path for each of these even if they are not perfectly clear. 

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