Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coincidence of TIming

So, yesterday, I wrote about Father Sam's comments from ten days earlier, one noting that prophets were always sent when people needed reminding.  Interesting that one day later, it turns out that the Catholic mass reading (Jeremiah 7:23-28), turns out to be a reminder to the people of the simple rule they were given--"Listen to my [i.e., God's] voice, then I will be your God and you shall be my people."  Not that listening and following was always supposed to be easy but a very simple expression of faith.  Then the rest of the reading goes on to comment on how people always turned away, turned their back to God rather than facing God, and became stiff necked (I have wondered often where that expression came from).  As I think about my own spiritual journey, I think about how to continue to turn my face to God and to avoid losing sight and becoming just as stiff necked as the people of ancient Israel.  I think that half the battle may be just to keep things like this on my mind and in my heart.  But that is only half the battle, of course.  The rest is to live them out.     


  1. I love your insights on the Mass. This one was on point!

  2. Thanks. I am glad that others enjoy my therapeutic blogging that keeps my mind on my faith and how I live it.