Monday, March 25, 2013

Let it Go

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I like to look for similarities, patterns, and coincidences as inspiration for what I write.  Yesterday there was a three word phrase "Let it go" that was used in two very different situations that captured my attention.  And, it was also a very important phrase for me yesterday as well as for life in general.

So where was it used.  Instance #1--high school contemporary posts a picture of his 16 year old daughter's just completed tattoo on her abdominal area.  It says "Let it go".  Dad says of daughter's choice (not quoting quite word for word)--if this is the worst thing you can complain about your 16 year old daughter doing, you've done pretty well.

Instance #2--Fr. Sam at church often likes to emphasize that the Our Father calls on God to forgive us only as much as we forgive others.  So, he called on us to "let it go" if we were feeling any hate or other negative feelings toward others heading into the Holy Week.

With those two occurrences, it was obvious what to write about today.

So, why was that important yesterday.  The worship band I play with concluded with a version of Amazing Grace that is considered the "traditional" version.  Many times before I'd been asked to sing a bass part for the song--particularly for the a cappella verse at the end.  Not asked yesterday.  Follows several other weeks recently when I was not asked to sing when the male vocals could have used a hand.  I used to complain about not being asked to sing and play.  However, I have come to focus on just playing bass.  And I play better when I just play.  So, I have decided to let it go.  Leave it alone.  And just take the worship band for what it is.  A wonderful opportunity to share faith with others in the band and with the rest of the congregation to which I make a contribution each week.  And not look at what it is not.

Life in general?  My oldest son noted several times yesterday when my wife commented on things where she commented on how it could have been better.  He told her (not in so many words, but essentially) that she should just look at the good in what she was given or has and deal with it.  That is one thing I have tried to do more and more over time.  It makes me a lot more satisfied with life in general and makes me a lot less stressed about life.

So, the importance of a phrase that captured my attention in a friend's daughter's tattoo and a priest's introduction to the Our Father is clear for me--yesterday and every day. 

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