Monday, March 4, 2013

I am a Runner

I Am A Runner,
A seeker,
A believer,
A sharer,
A climber,
A cruiser,
A sweater,
A pusher,
Touched by grace,
Inspired by God,
Inspired by others,
Inspired by stick-to-it-ness,
Who loves exploring new routes,
Who loves the early morning,
Who loves the silence and the serenity of the sunrise,
Who loves conversation at seven miles per hour,
Who eats hills for breakfast,
Who struggles,
Who gets fatigued,
Who sometimes looses faith in himself,
Who enjoys company,
Who sometimes seeks out places to run alone,
Just to compare myself with the last time,
Who loves speed,
Who knows when overtraining has set in,
Who is a finisher.

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