Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Beauty and Challenge of Running at Loch Raven Reservoir

Today I ran at the Loch Raven reservoir for the first time since mid-October.  Met a long-time running buddy of mine who has a much different training style at 6:30 AM before it was light.  The sun had begun to light the sky after just two miles and it was beautiful to see the early morning sky over the trees, over the reservoir, and over the dam.  Fully experiencing the life that God has provided.  We stopped twice before 12.5 miles and when my running buddy was poised to rest at 12.5, I told him I was going to go on.  I needed to open up a bit more and I needed to be done sooner.  So, I moved from our 8-minute plus pace on average to no one mile being 8+ after 12.5.  I ran another 9 rather than another 7.5  Doesn't make me any better than my buddy.  Just speaks to different needs and different goals and both are okay.  The harder run using more energy was really part of feeling that I was experiencing all that God makes available for the life of a runner.  And then when we got the mail I got my main information from the Boston Marathon.  Good day!

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