Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Appreciation of Being Present

After yesterday writing about what being a runner means to me, I wanted to take time this morning to write about an appreciation for my fellow runners who may not be training for races on the same schedule that I am.  Who may not love track workouts as much as I do.  Who may not be feeling 100%.  Who have to drive to the track when I can jog over.  But who come anyway.  Who come for the camaraderie.  Who come to support a fellow runner training for the "big race".

It is like being supportive in general--even with family.  No one is always 100%.  Sometimes we have bad days.  Sometimes we have bad mornings.  Sometimes something else happened.  But we are always there.  Whether it is for a "big race" in life or everyday things.

I know I have talked about being present for others.  It matters in family.  It matters in education.  It matters as runners.  All are important. 

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