Sunday, March 3, 2013

Give Me Jesus

At mass tonight the worship band led Give Me Jesus (link is to a video--not of us!).  I find the song somewhat haunting.  It focuses on all the times in life to seek Jesus.  Times of praise.  Times of thanks.  Times of need.  And for those who believe that going to heaven is going home, when a person dies.  It can be played very mellow or somewhat upbeat--as for those who believe getting to Jesus is a great thing.  But the variation in tone that can be achieved by our combination of acoustic guitar and keyboard and bass with everything lightening up to support an alto singer for  "When I come to die//Give me Jesus" is amazing.  I can say without hesitation that if anything takes me from this earth while the worship band is still around (and it is not that I'm expecting that to happen), I'd want them to sing this as the opening song at the funeral mass.  

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