Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Little Time as an "I" (Meyer-Brigggs) is Still Not a Bad Thing

My closing thought for the Lenten season is how lucky I am to have such an array of gifts from God. And they tap into a wide array of different points of focus in my life.  So, despite thinking recently about how much differently I "lean" toward the extrovert, today was an example of a good run just alone and how it was useful.  There are things I noticed--like the unusual number of birds around Druid Hill Lake who were very loud and the sun reflecting pink off the west side lake just briefly before the orange ball appeared over the horizon.  Sometimes when I am with people I am not as observant.  And that is something I should think about all the time.  Not just being observant about the world around me, but also being observant about the things that people say to me.  It might help some of my relationships.  

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