Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Hamster Half and Risk Aversion

Borrowing a phrase from a friend's post on Facebook, today I trained a "Hamster Half". My friend indicated that he would be doing a snow run because he was not a hamster.  I thought about that comment a lot as I ran 13.1 miles in 99 minutes and 55 seconds--doing it just fast enough so that the counter on the treadmill would not "turn over" (an old arcade term).  I suppose I even felt more like a hamster with the treadmill inclined up just a little.

In any case, many of my friends ran outside this weekend, and it certainly was warm enough to consider it late this morning.  But I have concluded that I am fairly risk averse--reflective of not wanting to take any risk os possibly taking a fall or twisting an ankle on a small spot at a corner or on an un-shoveled walk where snow was not fully removed and could now be slick.

It is interesting to think about risk aversion. In general, I think of myself as a fairly risk averse person.  Wanting to know that things are almost certain to work out before I take them on.  But Friday, someone pointed out that I have taken a new position at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School as the Vice Dean for Education.  It is a fairly new school with a change in leadership and a change of school and a lot of new responsibility for me.  My colleague thought I could not be too risk averse.

So, it is interesting to think about the combination of activities that I have and how my risk aversion fits (or does not fit) with each one.     

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