Sunday, January 27, 2013

Days without Running

Despite my best intentions, sometimes the combination of the weather and schedules can lead to unplanned days without running.  Right now, I have not run since Thursday night.  Yesterday morning at breakfast, I was tapping like crazy with the extra energy I had.  I used that energy throughout the day to enjoy a breakfast of pancakes and sausage at a fundraiser for boychoir, to take my youngest to a round robin hockey tournament just about an hour away, to go to McDonald's (a first in a long time--especially with a child with me), and to go to a potluck at which I served my favorite coconut, cocoa-nut, banana bread and even told a story about how I came up with the recipe (which was the challenge for the group at the potluck yesterday evening).  The hockey was fun to watch (although the facility allowed for doing little other than watching the hockey game while the kids plays), and the conversation at the potluck was fun.  Today, I'll take the bottled up energy and run 10-12 miles after Sunday school.  And we will see what the rest of today will bring.  Have a blessed Sunday.  

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