Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Day in the Life

This is not a Beatles song.  This is a short entry about a day in my life.

Tried to wake up early.
Went back to sleep.
Got up close to regular time.
Decided that after being awake an extra hour last night hacking that I should sleep more.
Still up early enough to make cornbread before work.
Ate breakfast and packed lunch and packed some cornbread for dinner.
Walked the dog.
Worked on a project to do a cost-benefit analysis tying post-jail services to health.
Talked to colleagues at our School of Business.
Talked to my department chair.
Prepared for a meeting in Philly Friday and Saturday.
Prepared for a meeting that will include the university President tomorrow.
Worked on some old grading.
Evaluated some work a student had done.
Went to see perspective drawing done by my seventh grader and his class.
Noticed that one child had mimicked a St. Sebastian picture when they visited the local art museum and showed off my tattoo.
Read to my eight year old.
Snoozed a bit.
Washed dishes
Pondered a colleague's recent loss.

Such varied activities.
Such an interesting mix.
Not perfect, but a very rewarding way to live.
I count myself lucky!

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