Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Last night I have the pleasure of attending a dinner hosted by WEAA for donors who gave a specific amount during the Marc Steiner or Anthony McCarthy shows.  The gathering included both gentlemen, several other WEAA, staff, and a number of donors and their guests at a restaurant called Chazz’s that Sherry and I had never been to before.  Over dinner we spoke with two other couples seated closest to us and at least one of them knows Father Sam—the priest whom we hear most often at mass at St. Pius X. 

The dinner was lovely.  The most interesting part was after having eaten.  Each guest was invited to stand up and say something and then we had what was very similar to an “open phones” show in the restaurant.  What was so exciting was the fact that we the donors were all so engaged.  Different backgrounds.  Different educational levels.  Different amounts of time in Baltimore.  But everyone appreciated the open discussion that the two men encourage.  Everyone appreciated the varying points of view that the two men bring to the table.  Everyone appreciated being part of a community.  This community we call Baltimore.  This community that is big but small; that is troubled and troubling but vibrant; this community that is gritty; this community that is educated and educational and yet struggles so much; this community with so many different faiths, beliefs, ethnicities, and races.  And a community that everyone was interested in making a better place.

Just 30 individuals on one evening.  But the world can only become a better place one step at a time.  This was a step along the path.  


  1. We enjoyed meeting you. My husband, Donald and I know Fr. Sam!.

    The folks that attended the dinner were all extraordinary and unique; however, we ultimately all want the same thing...a better world for our children and our children's children.


  2. Tee--it was a pleasure meeting you as well. Fr. Sam is an incredible person with quite a story to tell. I think that people like those at the dinner on Monday will help the world to be a better place for everyone's children even if we don't always feel like we are making a big difference. Change has to come one step at a time as long as we keep moving forward and don't move back. It's sort of like with my running. Not every race is my best, but I finish every one by just keeping moving forward. Not losing hope along the way.