Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feast of St. Sebastian

As I look ahead to 2013 starting from the Feast of St. Sebastian, I see many times ahead where praying for intercession from a saint may be useful:

New career opportunities with some big changes may be available--I will have to focus on the choice of how to share my gifts in different potential roles.

Challenges with cars--not very much religious here, but the stresses that are sure to follow can be difficult to handle and it will be important to lead life of serenity and to not let the stresses with physical possessions affect the way I relate to people.

Challenges with the house--it may need some repairs.  Again, not religious but just thinking about stressors.  Same set of challenges.

Growth of my children--praying for their continued success and development and for them to find their ways to share their gifts despite challenges.

Marriage--will be affected by all of the above and will continue to require a consistent commitment as it has from day one.

Running--knowing the right place for it in my life, especially after the Boston marathon.  I told my weekend training partners yesterday that Boston might be my last marathon.  She just chuckled and said something to the effect of not being able to imagine that.  Still, even if I continue to run, I have to come to grips with how the running fits in against everything else I am asked to do.

So, I will pray for all this today and into the future. I will ask for St. Sebastian's intercessions, and I will try to live a life guided by God.  

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