Thursday, January 17, 2013

More on Sunday's Readings

Yesterday I commented on the second reading in the Catholic church this coming Sunday--the feast day of St. Sebastian.  Today, I will comment on the first reading: Isaiah 62:1-5.  The footnote to the reading on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' website notes that this is the prophet addressing Zion about the changes of fortune.

Changes in fortune.  Certainly a good description of St. Sebastian and being left for dead but nursed back to life.  Certainly a good description of what the city in which my spirituality matured (and is incorporated into my tattoo for that reason) has tried to achieve and is largely continuing to achieve.

For myself, I would say that I enjoy changes in my life and have had positive ones.  In fact, almost my entire life has been positive.  I am blessed.  For that, I count myself lucky.  And I pray for God's continued blessings and continued guidance so that I may be a light for others.

Sometimes being a light for others can be a very religious thing.  Sometimes being a light for others can be a very spiritual thing.  But mostly being a light for others just means being present, being a positive influence, and being someone who can stand by someone else's side for support with no strings attached.

Five short versus from a prophet.  Much probing into my life as I move forward.   

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