Monday, March 31, 2014

Reaching Indiana

So, today I ran 6 miles at an 8:31 pace.  Pretty easy for me.  (As I always point out, I realize how much it is a gift to be able to say that.)  That puts me up to 521.3 miles total.  That puts me just over the Ohio/Indian border just a little north and west of Harrison, Ohio.

Not much to say about the run other than that I spent a lot of mental energy and effort looking at my watch to make sure I did not run too fast.  (Again, a gift and something I should grow used to over time.)

Course?  A nice one.  Lake, Bellona, York, Belvedere, Loch Raven (honked at by taxi that was over a block away), Northern, around Mars, Loch Raven, Northern, Alameda, Walker, Northwood, Cedarcroft, Yorkshire, and home.

On my virtual pilgrimage, in Harrison, Ohio, I would have run right past St. John the Baptist Church.  What do I think of when I think of John the Baptist?

Dressed oddly.  (Or perhaps camel hair wasn't so odd at the time.)  Still, I feel some camaraderie as a result.

Ate oddly.  Love the honey.  Not so much the locusts.  Bible doesn't say he was much of a cook.  But certainly didn't eat typical things.  Like that too.

Prepared the way.  That is an interesting contrast with Peter who implemented after Jesus taught him.  I chose Peter for my confirmation name.  I am in a job in which I am largely implementing.  Although occasionally the role of the person who is in a second tier management job is to pave the way.  Still, I think about the mix of paving the way and implementing and think that my confirmation name was a better choice to represent what I do now.  It will be interesting to me to see just how much my job transitions over time to one of paving the way.  Either for the Dean.  Or for the Assistant Deans I work with to do their jobs.  

In any case, in my spiritual musings today, it is interesting to think about those who symbolize different roles in the life of the church and for me to think about how these fit in with my own life now and over time.  This virtual pilgrimage has led to a lot of interesting things for me to ponder and I am only 1/4 of the way to my goal.  

More miles to run in the morning.  

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