Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Track Workout and Knowing How Much to Push

Today, I ran 7 miles at the Dunbar track.  Nicely lit.  Glad to see it open the second straight time I showed up.  We did 800's.  My watch was acting up so I think I ran five at sub-3:10 and the last one at 3:12.  The last one sure felt a whole lot easier than 3:12.  It may have been in part because that was one during which I had company.  On the first one, I nearly kept pace with the two guys faster than me.  Fell behind more on 2 and 3.  On 4, I nearly kept up.  On 5, I fell way behind.  So I dropped back to run with the person who had been one behind me.  We ran 3:12 together and the whole thing just felt easier.  My slowest.  Her fastest.  But each of us got what was needed from that last segment of the workout.

The seven miles puts me up to 393.5 of out 2000.  Nicely on pace despite running only five days.  In 5 days, I ran 42 miles.  That was after four days off.  It's been an odd nine days.

The distance puts me where Royalton Rd turns into Ohio Route 752 headed west in Asheville right near the Blessed Hope Bible Church.  I am in the southern Columbus suburbs.  That is kind of cool since I was born in and have traveled multiple times to Columbus.  Once when I was 16 to see where I had lived when I was an infant.  Twice for work to Ohio State.

What did I ponder this morning?  Well, in light of the name of the church I am near on my virtual pilgrimage, I can think of a few things.  

First, a bit more of taking life in stride.  My watch has worked recently.  Acted up a little just before I arrived at the track.  But I didn't worry.  I just ran.

Second, blessings.  The beautiful morning weather was a blessing--although I should have stuck with short sleeve rather than long sleeve.  My running friends are a blessing.  My family and especially my kids who were up to take the banana bread out of the oven this morning long after I'd left are a blessing.  The opportunities that my boss has provided me for professional development are a blessing.  My ability to deal with variation that I discussed with respect to my previous run is a blessing.  And the fact that I can figure out how to make the best of almost any situation--from keeping up with faster guys to enjoying a run with a friend who is usually behind but will benefit just as much--that is a blessing.

The third thing is hope.  Hope that I can make the most of the opportunities I have been given.  Hope that whatever I run it will help me.  Hope that using variation will make me a better runner.  Hope that I will be able to maintain where I have been or be even better.  Hope for the success of all my boys in their musical, skating, academic, hockey, lacrosse, and other artistic pursuits.  Hope for my marriage.  Hope for others I know who have challenges with relationships.  

And finally, persistence.  While that is not part of the church's name, we ran 9 laps on the track at an easy pace after we had finished the six 800's so that I could claim my 7 miles.  Nothing forced that.  That was pure enjoyment.  That was conversation.  That was experience.  That was aiming for a goal.  That is my making sure I get stuff done.

So, as I stop by the Blessed Hope Bible Church and think about my relationship with God, how Lent is a time to strengthen and set right my relationship with God (seeing as how we would not have a need for Lent if humans had not turned away from God in the first place), and how lessons from the Bible, and homilies, and other things I read all help me to focus on my relationship with God, life is good.  Another day of focus and energy at work.

We will see what I run tomorrow.   

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