Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Edge

Last day in Sydney.

10 more miles

30 miles in 3 days of running after 3 days off.

Hoping for 14 and 8 over the weekend.

Today, I waited till after an early morning thunderstorm.

Then, I left and my legs were yelling at my for the first time this week.

I figured--10K at least.  That would get me marathon distance over three days.

But then I got into the run.  

I pass three miles and I felt good.

I passed four miles and I felt better.

I turned around just shy of 5 when Anzac Parade headed south entered an area with lots of new apartment and office building construction.  I guess it is not brand new as at least some of it was there last time I was here two years ago.  I ran most of the way to Botany Bay.  I could see the bay.  Bright lights.  Many cranes.

I saw a lot of cyclists.

I passed St. Andrew's catholic church in Malabar.  Cute little church.  Andrew the apostle.  A fisherman.  Appropriate for this part of the world.  

I really felt good.

I am really back on track for the mileage I want.

I am now at 458.5.  Still chugging along US 22/OH 3.  Now on Main Street in Wilmington, Ohio.  In Wilmington there is a St Columbkille Catholic church.  Apaprently brought Catholicism to Scotland.  Fascinating as the last Catholic church in a town I virtually ran though was from Ireland.  Perhaps that says something about who originally settled in this part of Southern Ohio.   

My reference to "the edge".  Feeling like I am a bit on the edge of pushing too hard but really enjoying where I am.   

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