Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pushing Through

Today, I ran 5.5 miles.  That puts me up to a total of 478.5 miles.  That leaves me still on US 22 headed for Cincinnati.  

Today's life lesson was on the effort it takes to get started and how it is worthwhile to push through.

Not long ago, I had a workout on a morning that doubled as a critical discussion with one of my advisees about finishing her MPH and her career in public health after she finishes.  She is, by all measures, a faster runner than I am.  I recall her asking whether I had any difficult motivating myself to get up to go out and run every day.  I was surprised by the question coming from her, given how good a runner she is.  But I did respond that I do not generally have any problem getting myself going.

In the past week, I had no difficulty getting started on my first run in Australia after three days of rest (two of them unintentional).  After running 10 miles on the first day in Australia, I had no problem getting started on the second day.  Or the third.  Then, when I came home, I had no problem getting up for the 5:30 AM run on the first day back.  

This morning was completely different.  Last night for work, I attended a dinner celebrating the fact that the second cohort of Executive MBA students had completed their program.  It was a nice dinner.  I was asked to say a few words.  And I enjoyed the buffet dinner and wonderful selection of desserts including one that was caramel and chocolate.  I had one glass of pinot noir.  It was a very nice pinot.  It was, I suppose, sort of a large glass.  But this morning, whether it was jet lag catching up to me or the pinot noir or who knows what, I just wasn't feeling happy when my alarm went off.  Then, I wasn't feeling happy even after I got up and spent some time clearing emails on the computer.  

I stared at the screen looking at my mileage.  I had accumulated 44.5 miles in 4 days.  I was up to 473 miles total.  I had penciled in a rest day tomorrow, on Monday, but I thought about making today the rest day and then running tomorrow.  

I thought about the fact that I had originally planned to meet a friend to run this morning but that she had to back out because of a reemerging family health issue. I thought about the fact that I didn't have to show up to run with someone.  And then I thought about what a wasted opportunity it would be if I did not run.  

So, I dragged myself away from the computer.  Dressed warmly--to warmly in fact.  And went out.

I did what I increasingly do when I run--started without a particular goal in mind other than to cover a minimum of a certain number of miles.   I ran Lake out to York.  Seeing a red light I ran down York to Northern.  Then across Northern to Bellona.  Down Bellona back to York.  Then down to Woodbourne.  Across to Loch Raven--crossing one of the bridges I enjoyed crossing last week.  Up Loch Raven to Northern.  Around the Mars shopping center.  Then back across Northern to Chinquapin.  Across Woodson and up the hill on Cedarcroft.  

I felt much better.  

Life was good for pushing through.

Motivation to complete is a good thing.   

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