Saturday, March 22, 2014

More of the Same--with a Practical Lesson

Today, I met up with the same friend who is preparing for Boston with whom  I'd run 13.6 miles two weeks ago.  This time, we took the pace much more easily and ran just under 10 before taking a break to meet other Back on My Feet runners at the Helping Up Mission.  We ran most of the miles at a pace slower than 8:30.  That matched what I had been running in Australia.  It also matched what our stated goal was.  And it was a nice run around the promenade around the Inner Harbor again.  We ran a total of 14.5 miles--or just a little more.  That gets me up to 472.5 miles total for the year.  I am on my final approach to Cincinnati on US 22 and PH 3. 

No particularly large towns in that amount of space.

Major insight of the day--doing the same thing in one part of your life while dealing with forced change in other parts is good for balance.  My running was exactly the same as I'd been doing for three straight days (albeit a little longer today) but my stomach was in knots for the last 10 miles or so.  That does not happen to me very often.  I think it may have had to do with my pattern of eating since I ran yesterday.  No breakfast.  No lunch at the University of New South Wales.  A large burger that included beets as a topping in the airport.  Two meals on the plane to Dallas.  A large smoothie at Smoothie King in the Dallas airport.  Then when I got home around 9:30 PM east coast time (this would be after 1 PM Saturday back in Australia) I had to eat.  I cobbled together a dinner of pretzels, Greek yogurt, and a few other things.  I think my stomach reacted this morning.  I did still manage, but I know not to mess with eating habits too much in the future.  

Nothing particularly spiritual about this one.  This is all practical.  

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