Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Very Easy Miles and Dealing with Variation

On Monday I ran five easy miles around the neighborhood.  I had wanted to run more but when all was said and done I was not able to get out of the house much before 6 and I ended up with just enough time to do 5 miles at at 8:30 pace.  Nothing spectacular.  A 5 mile course I've been running since I came back to running and could go five miles.  Just easy.  Just to keep the legs moving and log the miles.  

That put me at 386.5 miles total.  That puts me on Royalton Rd headed out of Lancaster, Ohio just a bit west us US 33.

On Sunday morning it was not bitterly cold.  
On Sunday afternoon it was very cold standing out at my nine year old's lacrosse practice.

Over the weekend I ran 7 harder miles on Saturday morning.
On Sunday and Monday I did easier runs.

For the rest of the year other than Lent we can sing Alleluia.  
During Lent the word does not appear in song.  (Although we did say Hallelujah a lot during the celebration of life on Saturday.

Most weeks we have Sunday school class.  I am teacher.
On Sunday we had a Lenten family day instead.  I was parent.

There are so many things that vary from one day to the next.  From one moment to the next sometimes.

God has Blessed me with an ability to handle--and even to enjoy--change.  

Not everyone does.

I virtually experience a wide variety of terrains.  A wide variety of how urban things are.  A wide variety of virtual temperatures.  A wide variety of temperaments toward my running.  A wide variety of solitary and running with friends experiences.  A wide variety of paces.  A wide variety of courses.  As much variety of my running as in the rest of my life.  Variation is good.  It is challenging.  It is fulfilling.  It keeps me mentally nimble as well.  

Thank you, God.  

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