Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flight Paths

This morning I put in another 7 miles.  Putting me up to 528.3--nicely ahead of the 40 miles per week I had as a goal at the start of the year.  In fact 8.3 miles over for 13 weeks--so, a little less than an extra mile a week on average.  

This morning's workout was a 3200 meter warmup, 8x400 with 200 meter active rest between each, and 3400 cool down.  I think I kept the 400's under 90.  The intensity felt similar as I went through 4-8.  The first three were definitely under 90.  Watch on the fritz for the last five.

The distance puts me on Indiana route 46 headed west.  Leaving the Cincinnati metro area at this point.

What stood out during my run this morning?  

Well, the stars were such that I could see the Big Dipper, what looked like Mars, and Venus.

And even more interesting while I was running on the track at Gilman, the area must have been on the flight path for many of the early morning flights coming into BWI.

I think I saw at least a half dozen planes with their bright headlights approaching and then low enough to see the underside of the plane lit up.

Time after time.

Just like the workout.  Lap after lap.

A certain sense of constancy.

Constancy of effort.

Constancy of distance.

Developing familiarity with the pace.

Just like the flight path is probably a  familiar one.  Not just for those of us on the ground watching plane after plane come in.

But also for the pilots who must fly the same path over and over again.

A reminder of how many things in life either are constant or require constant attention or require constant and consistent effort.  From the biggest things where many others might be depending on us to the smallest things like one lap around the track.

Over and over.

Guided by the ticking of the clock.

Guided by the effort.

With one goal in mind--execute against the plan.

And make it work.  

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