Saturday, March 29, 2014

Repeating the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results--Insanity

So, I very much enjoy the fact that on any given Saturday I can go out and run a half marathon distance whether on the trail at NCR, at the Loch Raven Reservoir (where I have not been in ages but this is a great time of year to go and run at sunrise), or even just around my "neighborhood" (although I have to run a big version of a neighborhood to get a half marathon distance) and hit a time that is equal to or better than the first race I ran in 2009.  I am lucky to claim that.  Not sure how many more years I'll be able to say that.

In any case, this morning, I ran across Lake to Bellona, to Northern, Springlake Way, Homeland, Charles, Cold Spring, Roland, Northern, Charles, Stevenson, Osler, Towsontown, Burke, York, Hatherleigh, Rich Hill, Copeleigh, Regester, Beverly, Arran, Sherwood, Northern, Chinquapin, Lake, Parkway, Cedarcroft, Northwood, Woodson, and home.  

In any case, I ran negative splits.

It took me up to 505.3 total.  That puts me on Springdale Rd still inside the Cincinnati beltway.

The reason I made the reference to repeating the same thing and expecting something different is that I knew this morning was warmer and drizzling.  That is a recipe for having my shirt be relatively heavy and relatively clingy.  You combine those two things when running for 1:43:52 and you quickly remember bad lessons from the past about chafing.  (Some may consider this TMI, but it is a risk of running for guys.)  Yes, guys get chafed nipples when they run sometimes.  There are some pictures of guys with shirts that look gruesome after runs.  

I've done it before.

I have stuff that prevents that outcome.

I even thought about using it.

But I didn't want to risk waking my wife after already thinking I had everything I needed.  So, I didn't apply anything beforehand.

All I can say is big mistake.

And sign of insanity.

I could have predicted the outcome.

In fact, I did predict the outcome.

But for some reason I assumed the outcome would somehow be different.

How wrong I was.

I should not let it happen again.

And if it happens in such a simple case, then this is a lesson to beware of such things in the rest of my life--whether personal relationships or work.  If a poor outcome is easily predicted, and I have what I need to avoid it, and I fail to use what I need to avoid it, then that is a sign of insanity and I have no one to blame but myself.  

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