Sunday, March 9, 2014

Friday's Run--Back to Normal

So, I took four days off from running.  That is very unusual for me at this point--and not generally conducive to reaching 2000 miles for the year, except for the fact that my legs felt fresh (although not necessarily any extra fast) afterwards.

I ran a relatively easy 6.4 miles back in Baltimore around the neighborhood in which I had to worry only a very little about ice.  The path was a very basic loop out to York Rd, down to Woodbourne, across Homeland to Charles, up to Stevenson, back Dumbarton to York, then turning in on Cedarcroft to get home as a loop rather than any out and back.

On my quest for 2000 miles, it leaves me on US 22 somewhere between East Fultonham and Somerset, Ohio.  

The "back to normal" was for several reasons.  First, the four days missed.  The first of these was obvious--snowstorm with everything closed (although the snow storm ended up being a bit of a dud.)  The second was rushing to get out the day after the snowstorm.  Then, two days of very long nights to make sure work things were done made me miss running in the morning.

Interestingly, it really was "back to normal" as I not only ran but had my 14 year old thinking it was typical in another way.  After being gone for two dinners (Wednesday and Thursday) and one breakfast (just Thursday) my 14 year old had asked my wife the night before something along the lines of, "Will Dad be home tomorrow morning?  Maybe he will make something."  And sure enough, I did.  A recipe of cornbread which made the 14 year old's packed lunch for his boychoir tour more interesting.

The one thing that I would also like to comment while being away was anything but normal.  But it was pretty cool.  In my experience as an expert on cost-effectiveness, I have had a chance to meet many people and give many presentations.  I was away on Thursday in Lincoln, NE.  I gave two lectures and led several meetings with a research group at St. Elizabeth's hospital there.  Among the local's it goes by "St. E's.".  The first meeting at the start of the day included the CEO and President.  She led the meeting off with a reflection (for all practical purposes a prayer).  And it was a nice way to start the day.  She had no idea of how I'd reach so she made sure to point out how this tied in with St. Elizabeth's being a faith-based organization.

It was a pretty cool part of a pretty cool trip.  I may go back next year.  And there is a marathon there in the spring...

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