Sunday, March 2, 2014

Revisiting the Treadmill

At the start of last week, I wrote that I hoped for a full week of outdoor workouts.  I came close this last week, but not quite.  It was too cold to run outside safely on Friday morning.  So, instead, I revisited the treadmill.

On Friday, I did a "tempo on the treadmill" type of workout with 1 mile warmup at an 8 minute pace, followed by 3.5 miles at just under a 7 minute pace, followed by 1 mile at a 6:40 pace (approximately), and concluding with another mile at my warmup pace.  That was good.

Where was I at the end of Friday on my virtual pilgrimage?  (It is now Sunday and I have a couple runs to catch up on.)  Well, I was at 333.5 miles.  I would just be continuing down US 40/US 22 and would have passed the National Road Zane Grey Museum.  I am not quite to Zanesville yet.  Continuing through some fairly open territory.

What does the concept of "revisiting" make me think of?

Well, to begin, a friend posted a picture of me from 1987 on social media last week.  It was a fun picture of me and two classmates in the Superintendent's office of my school district.  One day each year, select students from the senior class had an opportunity to shadow some of the district leadership.  That included myself shadowing the superintendent, and two classmates shadowing an assistant superintendent and the administrative assistant in the office.  It was a lot of fun and the picture brought back some great memories.  What is really interesting is for me to think about ending up in academic administration all these years later.  I would not necessarily have predicted that.

Second, it makes me think of revisiting the topic of how I view running and what I told my advisee.  I find that the term liberating is useful.  Liberating in the sense of the freedom to enjoy being myself.  The freedom to use the legs that God gave me on the earth that God gave me to explore.

Third, it makes me think of what I reveal to others and how revealing things over and over leads to a reputation which leads to interesting connections.  I was given a fabulous bread cookbook by a colleague last week because she knows much I love to bake and I visited and revisited that with colleagues on numerous occasions.

Finally, there was an interesting incident of revisiting last week.  Specifically, we were revisiting a topic for negotiation between the school at which I serve as Vice Dean and one of other  other schools within the University.  I was forced to revisit the situation.  I was forced to revisit how I handle delicate situations in the workplace in general.  I was forced to revisit whether I have a rpoblem managing my temper with coworkers in some cases.  There is a lot to revisit.

Considering (visiting for a first time).  Doing.  Evaluating (revisiting).  And modifying is how I approach so many things in life.


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