Sunday, January 12, 2014

Through My Eyes on on Sunday Morning

This is a rewrite of yesterday's blog entry. Somehow when I was trying to get it to look better, the entire thing disappeared. So this is a quick rewrite on 1/13/14 of an entry initially written on 1/12/14. The key is that my day began at 5:30. I didn't wake Sherry up quite as early as she had hoped, but I did have a smoothie to her by 6. The, working with Daniel I had the cranberry sauce made and the start of a bread dough (was hoping for chewy rolls but it turned out to be more like focaccia) by 7 AM. Then, go ready to run and got a picture with my dog before the run. She was happy to see me ready to go outside but disappointed that I went without her.  You can see that I had my windbreaker on.  I was worried about the rain.  I took my phone with a camera with me.  I took pictures along the way, and thought about what I saw.  In short, the first picture was of the sun rising.  The second picture was just a little further along as you can see the first hints of yellow and orange at the horizon.  I originally went up Highwood, across Lake, down Chinquapin, up Northern, up the Alameda, and then across Regester.  The picture taken on Regester shows the sun hitting just the tops of the trees.  I love the contrasts.  I have written about contrasts many times.  The next picture was the end of the snow from after the Christmas season on Stevenson.  The snow fell just after the new year when some children were still on Christmas break from school.  The dirty snow represents the end of the season in one way.  The discarded tree on Gittings represents the end of the season in another way.  The next picture is a shot of the muted sunrise once I returned near home.  Mostly just a lot of gray and white.  Then my time.  A very easy run.  Then, two pictures with my dog after walking her.  One in which she surprised me and a second in which she was just showing her affection.  Then, the dough shaped into what I hoped would be rolls.  Later the rolls as they were baked.  Then, the rolls as they were served for lunch with brie and the cranberry sauce.  

The interesting thing between the completion of the run and walking the dog (the run brought me up to 72 miles from St Pius which puts me on PA 16 just west of I 81 and east of US 11 near Greencastle PA) was teachins Sunday school.  The chapter started out with Matthew 25:34-36 where Jesus talked about feeding the hungry and helping the thirsty, naked, ill, strangers, and prisoners.  We talked about that and we talked about Jesus's infancy (and being presented in the temple with Anna and Simeon recognizing him as the Messiah), then Jesus at the temple as a twelve year old, then Jesus teaching as an adult.  I got the kids to think about how they had grown in the church from infants to where they are now (singing, sitting still, paying attention, bringing up gifts) and what they might do as adults.  Some kids knew what they wanted to do.  Others struggled.  It was interesting to see what they came up with.

What a day!

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