Monday, January 6, 2014

Next Stopping Point

Today, I left the house at 5:33 for my run.  It was raining sort of hard when I left.  It rained intermittently while I ran.  It was around 43 degrees the whole time.  It was a refreshing run of 7.3 miles at a pace of 8:30/mile on average.  Nice and easy.  Didn't stress my muscles too much.  Just enjoyed.  Enjoyed wearing a baseball cap with the NCR Trail marathon map on it.  Enjoyed the coolness of the run.  Saw only three other runners out all morning.  Was frustrated by the fact that some people still had not shoveled sidewalks and some places still had ice in the street from not being plowed and not having enough drivers.  And I was surprised to encounter some of the iciest locations in Towson.

There was little wind this morning.  The temperature was great.  The only real drawback was the deep puddles.  Made the feet a bit cold some of the time.  

So it goes.

By now, with the warm temps, the enormous amount of rain (enough to have torrents gushing into the sewers this morning), and wind this afternoon, there is very little of the snow from last week left now.

The roads are dry.

But the weather is cold.  Extremes not seen in two decades.  A reminder that what we are seeing is not always global warming.

So, my 7.3 miles would take me to 32.5 miles.  Somewhere on Taneytown Pike.  A bit west of Westminster, MD.

Making progress although the average mileage per day so far would only get me to 1977 miles.  Not that I have to worry yet.  Just something to ponder as I move toward the goal of my virtual pilgrimage.   

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