Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Run in the Fitness Room During a Day at a Hotel in Philadelphia

For a work trip, I traveled from Baltimore to Philadelphia by train on Thursday evening.  Got to the hotel around 10.  Late but not too bad.  Got checked in and found that the first room to which I was assigned was only 58 degrees.  I like my rooms chilly but not that much.  So, by the time someone came to check on the situation and my room was reassigned it was nearly 11.  Not so good.  But not a bad tradeoff.  I had a restless night sleeping and then got up to run.  I think this is the first night this year that I didn't write on the day I ran.

In any case, I went 8 miles at a 7:30 pace (the cardio machines in the fitness room at the hotel only let a person have up to 60 minutes at a time) and then followed that with another 2.1 at 8:00 pace.  Felt great.  And despite the cold that I have I felt much better after the run than before.  Nose still running.  But could breathe much better.

Breakfast at the hotel was the slowest hotel restaurant service I've ever experienced.  Had a chance to read and answer emails.  So not totally bad. And a nice cheese and vegetable 3 egg omelette with toast and potatoes.

Where does the 10.1 miles put me?  At 148 for the year.  So despite the fact that I have taken Saturday off (rare, but necessary to join my wife and oldest for a trip to College Park for the oldest to audition for French Horn) and I might also take Sunday off, I am now worried about mileage at all.

Where does the 148 put me?  Well, it puts me approximately 2 miles before Dunmeyer Auto Services along US-30 where Lincoln Highway turns off and I will leave US-30 behind.  

What would I have seen along the 10 miles?  Mostly farms and trees.  I could not imagine actually running along there at this time of year with the snow we have had.  Even the city streets are a bit tricky at the moment.  The road is a bit twistier than most other parts so far.  I can't tell from the map whether that reflects the road being built to the contours of the land but knowing roads in Pennsylvania it probably does.  There is a Route 30 Antiques shop.  There is a Subway a bit to the north on Rock Cut Rd (PA 160).  Parts of life in America.  Parts of our great country.  I'll have a lot more to explore as I continue to move ahead toward 2000 miles.      

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