Friday, January 10, 2014

Simple Update

Today I ran 7.9 miles leaving at 4 AM and being back just past 5.  Why so early?  I wanted to (and did) beat the freezing rain.  It did not start until after I had returned and was most of the way done walking the dog.  The total distance for the year is now 54.5 miles and that puts my in Pennsylvania at the intersection of Waynesboro Pike & Old Waynesboro Rd not far over the Pennsylvania line just north of Maryland in Fairfield, PA.  It is not far from the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church.

Not much else to say today.  I enjoyed the run.  It was great to get to that distance without ever getting too far from home.  I ran over to Loch Hill and Loch Raven.  Down to Good Samartin.  Across to York.  Down to Bellona.  Up to Northern.  Across to Charles.  Up to Melrose.  Across to Bellona.  Up to Gittings.  Across to Walker.  Then up around the apartments and back to the house.

Staying close to home gives a sense of security.  I think that is one important theme.

Dealing with the slippery roads this morning in my car gave me a sense of security.

Walking with the dog gave me a sense of security.

And it was interesting to see how empty the roads are at 4 AM rather than  or 5:30 and even the 7-11 had no one in it at 4:10.  Interesting run.

Got a lot done at work today.

Enjoyed Turkish food for dinner with my family.  But Joshua was not feeling well and didn't come and Daniel fell asleep.

Looking forward to running again tomorrow.   

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