Friday, January 3, 2014

Conceptualizing 2000 Miles: A Virtual Running Pilgrimage

So, on January 2nd, I ran my first 8 miles of the calendar year.  I talked about that 8 mile run yesterday.  No need to review.

Today, I did not run.  I have many friends who braved the snow and ice on the roads to either drive to run inside on a treadmill somewhere or to run somewhere outside.  Congratulations to them after the snow last night.  I didn't feel inspired and had a bit of a headache.  That is not enough to keep me in bed when it is 40 degrees out.  But at 25 degrees (or less) and 4-5 inches of snow it was a "no go" for me.

What I did do today is think about how I will accumulate my 266 hours (or so) of running at 8 minute miles over 250 (or so) days during the remaining 363 days of the year.

And I spent some time thinking about what 2000 miles would actually mean.

And to link to spirituality, I found a route from St Pius X church in Towson MD (where we attend and participate) to a church called Our Lady of Perpetual Help in a town call Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, that is 2000 miles.  Here is a link to the pdf describing the path.  Going from one church to another makes it like a "virtual running pilgrimage."  Ending up at a town called "Truth or Consequences" for a goal that is so big and a quest for which I consider "truth" to be success and consequences to be the many possible ways of failing or being injured along the way, is pretty cool.

It is too bad I won't be doing this in reality as it will take me through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and into New Mexico.

So, each day, in addition to whatever else I want to blog about, I'll mention where I am.  The first eight miles that I ran yesterday takes me from our church to  somewhere on Greenspring Avenue north of the city.  It doesn't quite get me to the Church of the Resurrection in Lutherville that led to my early Christmas morning writing about connections from the perspectives of two priests (one Catholic and one Anglican) but it is interesting to me that in the bigger picture of trying to conceptualize my 2000 mile quest as a pilgrimage, even the first stop is near a church.

What will tomorrow bring?  12-16 miles on a treadmill at the Y on a bitter cold morning.  Once I see just how many I run, I will update and we will see where it leaves me on the trail.

Goal is set.  Now, to see where it takes me.  

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