Monday, January 20, 2014

Breaking In New Shoes

Today's run:

5.3 at 6:59 to get to Back on My Feet on time.  I call it a terrain assisted unscheduled tempo run.  It was mostly downhill and I wasn't planning on working so hard again after the long run I had on Saturday.

Then 4.1 easy with Back on My Feet friends.

Then 5.4 nice and slow home.

A couple of interesting observations;

First, when running with my friends from Back on My Feet, we saw a bus labeled "Quick Bus Paradise."  I thought it was just fun to be able to say that there is a bus in my city that is the quick bus to paradise.  In reality there is a Paradise Loop in Catonsville.  There is a Paradise Ave, a Paradise Animal Hospital, and Paradise Motors.

Second, my virtual pilgrimage would continue along the winding US 30.  It would take me through Bedford, PA.  The path would take me a bit south of the main thing I remember from Bedford.  Many years ago my wife and I went there for a wedding on her side of the family.  We went to a restaurant called Ed's and I got an orange juice that surprised us because it was large for what we paid.  Almost everywhere else we had ever been we thought we were paying too much for orange juice.  So, my memories of Bedford are favorable.  

More running tomorrow before the predicted large amount of snow.      

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