Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Few Thoughts on an Easy 4

Today's run was an easy 4 miles.  Ran in the windy drizzle.  Loved seeing the streams that are sometimes trickles under the bridges in north Baltimore flowing strong and loud enough to hear.  

Now at 700.6 miles.  Still on E 1800th Avenue in Illinois.

A few interesting observations.  

First, yesterday when I went to the grocery story after I ran, I was rung up by the cashier with whom I have interacted most often over the years of going after exercising in the morning.  I had not realized that she had never seen my tattoo.  She knows I run.  She knows a bit of what I do and what I buy most often.  She knows I have kids.  I know a bit about her.  But because of how she stands on the other side of the conveyer belt she would have never seen my tattoo. It took another employee being there who saw me from the right hand side and calling attention to it as a piece of "art" to introduce the cashier I usually get rung up by to it.

Second, today was mostly a day to have a meeting of the management group at work.  But I had arranged to do a few personal things in the afternoon.  Much needed full body massage.  And much needed hair cut.  Every once in a while need to have time for personal stuff.  Just happened to be able to arrange both on the same day.  Lucky that way.  Looking forward to Sherry's next trip to both places.  Good for relaxation.

Third, enjoyed making pizza with my son and then trying out the spices that students had bought for me.

A downer--to contrast with all the good (for which I didn't mention making a coconut, cocoa, nut, millet banana bread) is the water in the basement.

We get by.  And I have to remember that my pilgrimage is inspired by faith and the faith is that ultimately there is something greater and that I fit into the bigger picture in a meaningful way and that there is a meaning to all that happens.  

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