Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feel the Stability

Yesterday, the workout was 6x800 (in other words 6 half miles or twice around the track six times) at approximately 3 minutes each time.  Rest of one slower lap between each.  Enough miles before and after to accumulate a total of 9 miles.

I succeeded in the workout.  My splits were 2:56, 2:57, 2:59, 3:06, 3:00, and 2:56.  The rest times were a little shorter than the run times.  And the miles before and after served their purpose.  Good warm up, and cooled down enough that I felt absolutely fine when I went to the grocery store afterwards.  It was the most interesting trip to the grocery store in a while as there was actually someone bagging at 6:50 AM (unusual) who had not seen my tattoo before and who commented on it.  That made me realize that one of the cashiers who is there all the time had not seen my tattoo.  Both were impressed.

In any case, the workout puts me at 696.6 miles.  I am now solidly in Illinois on E 1800th Ave in Annapolis.  First, I never realized that there were cities named Annapolis in places other than Maryland.  (Although since there is an Indianapolis) I suppose that should not surprise me.)  I'm also surprised that there is an 1800th Ave anywhere.  What type of numbering system is this?  and 1800 from what?  

Final observation in this brief entry...what happened with that 3:06?  It was a function of relying too much on my watch and not enough on my senses.  For the first three, it was too dark on the track for me to see the times.  I just ran what "felt right".  And, amazingly, I hit the goal times spot on.  The goal had been 3:00 plus or minus five seconds.  These were all faster than 3:00 so I could be accused of "overrunning" but it really wasn't.  It was just solid runs.  I stopped after 3 and took a drink.  My lap around the track was a little faster than my rest between the earlier laps, but I had a bit of extra rest time (not timed) by stopping for the drink.  I could see my watch on 4.  I told me I was running a lot faster than I should have been.  But that turned out to be the watch's inaccuracy because there was no consistency between what my watch told me that my per mile pace was and what my actual time was.  So, on 5 I went back to ignoring my watch other than using it as a timer.  And on 6, I looked carefully at my cumulative time when I hit "lap" to start and then ran 44, 45, 44, and whatever slightly faster pace for the last half lap into the head wind to get the 2:56.

Lesson learned?  Trust my gut.  Not just when running.  When managing.  In friendships.  On family matters.  Trust my gut.  It may not always be right.  But is usually serves me well.  

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