Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Life

A short blog entry on Easter Sunday, a day off from running.  Given where I am on the virtual pilgrimage, I would probably back track to Bloomington (especially if on an actual pilgrimage I would have support team) and go to the church of St. John the Apostle.  What better weekend to go there than one on which the Good Friday service that I attended read from St. John's Gospel and we read from John's Gospel again today.  And, as a runner, at least in John's Gospel, he outran Peter to get to the tomb first.

But I want to comment today mostly on the idea of resurrection.  New beginning.  New life.

I wrote about my own struggles with memories of the Boston Marathon bombing last week.  I told of the raw emotions when I saw the coverage last Tuesday morning.  I suspect that when the surviving Tsarnaev brother goes on trial, all the raw emotions will come out again for a lot of people.  My fellow runner who called me a mentor spoke of some pretty raw emotions last week--particularly because her mother was running Boston last year.  

Then, someone who has been helping me with a training plan mentioned yesterday in a post her own feelings about the race.  She indicated that she thought she would put it out there as a comment so that others might know they were not the only ones feeling such things.  Someone commented on her post that there would be a new set of memories after Monday's race.  

A new beginning.

A new chance.

A new life for runners who can take another step moving past last year's events.

The theme of resurrection.  

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