Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Six and St Anthony

Yesterday's run was another general maintenance 6.  Ran the same course on Friday as I did on Monday.  But there were a couple of key differences:

(1) It was after fewer miles so my legs felt fresher despite the intense progression workout the day before.

(2) I didn't have to use nearly as much mental energy to get my splits all very close to 8:30 rather than 8:00.  So, the run was even easier.

The 6 miles puts me at 541.3--somewhere around the intersection of Indiana Route 46 and Coon Hunters Rd in Batesville, Indiana.  I would have run very close to the St Anthony of Padua church in Morris, Indiana on the way.  That is before Batesville.  This is St Anthony to whom people pray to help find things.  

I would hope that if the pilgrimage were a real one rather than a virtual one no one would think that I need to be found.  Rather, I would hope that people would appreciate how I was trying to find something.  Trying to find meaning in my running.

The number 541.3 gives me something to think about in terms of finding something.  Finding a link to spirituality.  I like Luke 5:4-13.  It is the story of Jesus telling Peter to toss his nets into the water and Peter catching more fish than he could imagine.  Peter, as well as the apostles James and John, joined Jesus then.  That takes us up to verse 11.  The other two verses are about Jesus curing a leper.  All these stories are about men who found hope in Jesus.  Who were blessed by Jesus.  And who put their faith in Jesus to various degrees.

This faith made them single minded.

I only hope that the blessings that I have received through my faith will help to make me single minded in my willingness and ability to follow Jesus.  

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