Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Three Mile Gift

Since the last time I wrote, I have run 23 miles.  That included 7 on the track on Tuesday (9x400 trying to keep it just below 1:30).  3 on the road on Wednesday.  7 progression on Thursday (8/7:45/7:15/7:00/6:45/6:15/8 again) on the treadmill and that felt a lot easy than the week before.  And finally, a very easy 6 yesterday morning that during which I crossed paths with a colleague who referred to me as "Dr. Frick" out on the road at 6 AM.  Sometimes I wish I could just be "Kevin" at least when I run.

In any case, today is another beautiful morning.  I am not running today as I have work responsibilities and then parenting this afternoon.  It is good.

So, by now I have made my way through Greensburg and Hartsville and over to Columbus, Indiana on Indiana Route 46 or West 3rd Avenue.  South of Indianapolis.  The closest I will get to that city.

I want to write just a brief comment this morning about the gift of three miles on Wednesday.  My shortest run of the week.  My shortest run for a while.  

Why was it a gift?

Because it is part of a training plan.  

Because I felt "compelled" to do it.

Because otherwise, I could just as easily have sat the day out.

But I got up, went out, did three very easy miles, and felt great.  

The legs had to do some work, but it was almost effortless.

The lungs had to do some work but I was not struggling.

It gave me the freedom to move without requiring me to move too much.

It was just the right way to balance the middle day of the week.

And I will look forward to "rest running" days in the future. 

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