Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easy Miles and Fun Connections

So, today, I ran another 10 putting me up at 635 for the year. That puts me in Solsberry, IN, on county road 420 just a bit west of the intersection with Indiana 43.

Today the run was an easy 10. I love running to Hampden. I ran across Lake to Bellona, to Springlake, to Homeland, to Charles, to Cold Spring, to Keswick (including the funny part connecting the two directions on University), to 36th where I passed businesses I like including Metta Wellness, Charmery, and Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo, (as well as Holy Frijoles although we haven't been there in a while), then up Roland, across Northern to Charles, up to Gittings, across to Weidner, and then winding around the neighborhood to pick up the last bit.

And for the first time in a long time I took my pulse less than 5 minutes after I was done. In fact, I finished about 3 houses away from my own, walked down the hill to the steps in front of the house, and took my pulse. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was already down to 91.

This morning, can focus on two numerical themes. First, 10. (No, I'm not thinking of the old movie.) 10 miles. 10 friends running Boston on Monday. 10 dreams. For some of them it is the first time they will run Boston. For some, they have done it many times before. Of the 10 I know, five are men and five are women. I know 3 of the guys through Back on My Feet. The other two I know from Charm City Run and Baltimore Road Runners. Of the women, one is a professional colleague and fellow Michigan grad (Go Blue!), one I met through a friend at Boston last year, and the other three I know through Back on My Feet. What a wild combination. My biggest wish for Monday is that they all finish. And after last year, I feel the need to add the word "safely." One mile dedicated to thoughts for each friend or colleague.

The other theme is the pulse rate: 91. Meaning? Well, I immediately turn to Psalm 91. Yesterday, late in the communion service at 3 PM, we sang "On Eagles Wings." Where does that come from: Psalm 91. It is a psalm of trust in God. It is a psalm in which the line "You shall not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day" appears. Given my interest in and the story of St. Sebastian, I find the connection to the idea of safety from arrows a very strong connection.

Life is amazing that way. 

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