Friday, September 13, 2013

40 Days to Better: Day 12

As I write this blog entry on a Friday evening, I realize that tomorrow will be exactly four weeks until the Baltimore Running Festival and my main distance race of the fall.  I hope that I am not feeling like I did this morning in 28 days and 12 hours.  If I do, then it will not be a fun race.  It would not be a bad race in the bigger scheme of things.  I did, after all, average 8:18 this morning over eight miles.  However, that was only because I ran a good last half and two sub-8:00's for my last miles.  Without those I would have been well over 8:30 after cruising through 20 at 7:48 last Saturday.  I felt horrible.  Especially during the first 3 miles.  Not injury.  Not pain.  Not even cramping.  Just that the legs would not "go" as I know they could.

So, I asked myself why?  Why did I continue?  Because I know it is good for me.  

I also asked myself why I felt the way I did.  I came up with a number of things.

Too little sleep for several days.

Too much stress at work in this particular week.

Ate dinner too late last night.

Ate two microwaved pot pies for dinner last night.

Not enough fluids yesterday.

Still a bit warm this morning.

The list goes on.

Too many variables.

Anything could be slightly off.

It is also a reminder as I look at this list of how I am probably trying to cram in too much.  That leads to too little fluid, too little sleep, eating at odd hours, and eating odd food.

The lesson for the day on the road to better--sometimes there are limits.  I should respect those limits.  If I do not, I may risk it all.  Good, bad, and otherwise.  And I would choose not to do so, if given a choice.  

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