Saturday, September 7, 2013

40 Days to Better: Day 6

Today's run--20 miles over the rolling hills of north Baltimore, Rogers Forge, and Towson.  Really enjoyable.  Don't need to do it necessarily for a half marathon, but it is a wonderful workout.  And since I skipped yesterday and will skip tomorrow I figured one slightly extra long workout is not bad.  I ran it at a pace faster than the race last Labor Day weekend.  Definitely hillier (at least more uphills) but definitely cooler. Was very happy.  And it was one of those days when running was just for the fun of it and everything just sort of fell into place.

Today's thought.  I reflect on a post from a running friend. He posted a testimonial I had given for a a local running store.  I commented on the store's approach, the training group coach's approach, and the whole concept of a training group.  I also made a statement to the effect of "if I ever qualify for Boston."  This other runner has only known me as someone who has qualified for, and now run, Boston.  He said he had a hard time imagining that I would doubt myself.  

Today's thought then--that I should not underestimate myself.  (Of course, I have to be careful not to overestimate myself either.).  

Don't underestimate my running ability.  

Don't underestimate what I can do at work.

Don't underestimate finances.

Don't underestimate the importance of marriage.

Don't underestimate the commitment to marriage.

Don't underestimate my influence on the students I teach--both in grad school and third grade Sunday school.

Don't underestimate my kids.

Don't underestimate my wife.

Don't underestimate the support I will get from my friends.

Don't underestimate my ability to fix past mistakes (goes along with forgiveness from yesterday).

I guess it suggests having an optimistic view of life.  Believe that I can.  Work hard and think good things will happen.  

Similar to not overestimating, I also should not have any illusions that the optimistic view will always work or that good things will always happen.  

But I can keep a positive view.  Put in a lot of effort. And hope for the best.


  1. SoWhatIRun7/9/13 14:13

    Never underestimate yourself!

  2. Thanks. Part of the better I hope to achieve is avoiding just that.