Tuesday, September 3, 2013

40 Days to Better: Day 2

On Day 1, I started at the top left of this picture with something old.  Today, I move clockwise to the top right and something new.  The something is a new pair of running shoes.  My first workout was 11,600M around the track at Dunbar with the stadium lights on.  I warmed up for 800M, ran 3x1600 with each at 5K pace (6:20) or better, ran a 400M interval after each 1600, and then finished with 4800M of cool down but at an 8:07 pace.  Not a bad workout for a day after 15 miles but not my best track workout ever.  Mostly the coolest track workout with the stadium lights on.

What does something new mean today--particularly in terms of becoming a better person?

Well, this is the start of a new academic year.  First in my new job. New year of Sunday school teaching.  New curriculum.  New thoughts on how to reach third graders.

New workout approach.  No regrets about only running 3, 1600M intervals.  And no hesitation to stop and say, "enough," when my legs were clearly locked up after just three.  Knowing when to say when rather than just pushing forward is really key to success in many things.

New levels of sleep to be more attentive at work.

New levels of walking with my dog--taking her both in the morning and evening.

New levels of self control on activities I don't need to be doing--like worship band for right now and marathon running (although the running in general continues).

New levels of time with family and taking kids places (like a lot of ice hockey this fall).

New focus on not traveling for work any more than necessary.

New level of focus on the importance of continuing to work on keeping up the strong and loving feelings in marriage rather than just assuming they will take care of themselves.

New and better me.  I hope.  Moving forward.

Not just new shoes with better times.  But a new approach and new attitude so I am better and help others to better realize their own maximum well-being.   

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