Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Changing with the Mood--or Permanent?

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of attending a meeting regarding ways that numerous not-for-profit and for-profit organizations and some governments and academic researchers could come together to help people all over the world who need glasses (for either distance or reading) get them.  After some introductory comments, the meeting began with a talk by Madeleine Albright and then some questions and answers.  I had not known the story of her pins.  I seem to have missed that over and over again when she was the United Nations Ambassador and Secretary of State.  She told us some of the story of her pins.  What made the most impression on me was the fact that she could change her pins whenever she felt like it.  To fit the mood or tasks of the day.  To match what she needed to do.  Yesterday, she had on three eyeglass pins.  

Today, I ran eight miles on the treadmill.  I am planning on my first return to outside running on Saturday morning.  The eight miles included 4 at 6:40 pace at 4 at 8:00 pace.  Overall 7:20 pace.  With the intervals being one at 8, one at 6:40, 3/4 at 8:00, and repeating the 1 and 3/4 set three more times.  

That was a bit of changing with the mood.  Not actually.  I had planned out the workout very purposefully and specifically.  But it went back and forth.  Probably spent too much time at the slower pace as my heart slowed down quite a bit before picking it back up again.  But it was good.

The eight miles puts me at 281 for the year--over 50 days.  Interestingly, so far this week (Sunday to today), I have run 21.8 miles.  Changeable--the same digits rearranged.  The 281 miles put me still on US 40 in Ohio a bit east of Morristown.  

When I thought about Secretary Albright's approach to her symbolism, I thought about my approach to symbolism.  My tattoo--my main symbolism.

That is not changeable.  It is there forever.  The ideas changed up until I first spoke with the artist.  But then the ideas were there.  Just like my ideas for a second (if ever) continue to evolve.  I am now thinking cornucopia with red eggs (St. Mary Magdalene), bread (my love of baking), and golden apples (my love of teaching) coming out.

My actual tattoo right now does not change, but how I think of the symbolism changes.  And right now, I have to say that my vision of the strong woman helping St. Sebastian is mostly a vision of my wife and all that she has done in taking Christopher to what will be a total of five cities in the last six weeks.  She is a great mom.  

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